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A must-read for any family teaching the meaning of friendship

This book, Scotty and Kris’ first, follows Penelope, an enthusiastic and spirited pelican as she greets her bay friends throughout the day. Penelope’s personality and energy remains positive as she meets the other animals who aren’t as joyful as she is.

The book is written in an easy-to-read, approachable tone, with gorgeous illustrations highlighting all the characters emotions. Penelope The Pesky Pelican will help to instill values in children that every parent desires, and creates a fun reading experience for families of all ages.

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Available Now!

This limited, self-published, first-edition, is now available for families of all ages to enjoy!

Includes a FREE Audiobook reading from authors Scotty and Kris to emphasize the characters and add depth to the spirited story! Coming Soon - Will be sent separately after recording end of April 2024*

A portion of each order will support the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA), a non-profit marine conservation organization dedicated to preserving the Gulf coasts and wildlife.